Phi Phi Island – A Crash to Heaven Door.

When travelling is what you do for a living. Then I bet you made a wise decision to love yourself and treasure your experiences for a lifetime!My boyfriend and I decided to travel to an interesting destination every 3 months. We started last year and you know what, it is the best thing I have ever done for myself.I am happy, I learn, I respect, and I love. Spending time for myself, every single moment is precious. Moreover,  it’s great to be with the best human being I found on earth that is what I treasure most in my life.  For the latest trip we went to Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand (also known as Koh Phi Phi by the locals).This is the second time I have come to this island, and still, I have to say, the sense of being lost in an island is somewhat fantastic!Phi Phi island has a reputation as a party island, and yes it totally does party all night every night. However, as a growing lady like me, I did not come here for a party. I came to enjoy spending time with great company through the sea land and taking good hikes to quiet bays. This is what I love the most here, hiking to quiet beaches, enjoy the sunrise and sunset, kayak from beach to beach, snorkeling whichever beach I want and I LOVE the fantastic Thai local foods, **SLURPS**. 

Phi Phi Island

 We planned our trip to get as much time on this fun-filled island as we could to enjoy the sun, swim and snorkel in the clear sea water, kayaking or scuba diving. So we decided to stay 5 days and 6 nights.*If you don’t have much time, I included a tiny trip list underneath the post. Check it out! =)The journey started with double flights that took us from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok, then from Bangkok to Phuket, from there we took ferry to Phi Phi island.It sounds like a long way to our destiny, but the airline made it enjoyable enough that the time flew by. Nok air gives away mini gifts of water and a snack! Nokair – mah favorite Thai airline! We had an 8-hour layover in Bangkok overnight, so we booked a night from AirBnB, 15 mins walk from the airport. 2 rooms booked and it turned out to be a full house with only us. Woorayyyy!!!The host provided instant foods and drinks in the kitchen for like 20 Baht (about $0.60) – SO cheap!If you want to stay somewhere close by the airport, this is the place is highly recommend.The owners are very friendly.HomeStay24 @ DonMuang

Day 01: Arriving to PhiPhi.

From Phuket to Phi Phi island – 2 hours from Ferry.

Learn & share:

– Tickets: Buying the ticket (round trip or one way) ahead of time (4-5 days in advance) online and it will be so much cheaper than buying it directly from Phuket or Krabi. In case you have to buy the ticket here, buy only 1 way ticket. You can buy the return ticket on the island even cheaper than the online booking ticket! (350 Baht/one way)There will be a lot, trust me, a lot, of scammers who says no one sells tickets from the island or this is the only place that sells ticket, or you will find it ways more expensive than other places … etc. These are totally untruth! I experienced these twice and every time it was not a great experience.– Hotel: Book the hotel ahead of time to get great views and save some money!There are many great hotels in Phi Phi.We stayed at Uphill Cottage for our entire stay and it was excellent! They have good views to the sea, and an awesome balcony where you can spend some great time with your buddies. The higher the room the greater the views. At night, it’s quiet (which is hard to find on this bustling island), with a good wind blowing and time to have a beer with buddies at the balcony. Again, drinks are provided in the fridge and  are cheaper than most of the shops on the island. Highly recommend this place! We arrived in the afternoon to our hotel, and decided to take it easy and go for a walk, but ended up joining the fire show at Slinky Bar. It was FUN!

There are several fire shows here in Phi Phi, each one of them has their own signature and that is how great their shows are. I am sure you will not be getting bored at any of them. 

Day 2: Hiking day

We went to Viewpoint 1 & 2 in the morning.Viewpoint 1was very close to our hotel, only about 15mins walk up the stair path. I recommend going straight to Viewpoint 2 which is another 15 mins walk from there. From viewpoint 2 you can have a nice looking out at the coves of the island.And the rest of the day was unfortunately filled with rain. We were disappointed since the weather cast was not accurate. We would not let this slow us down though!We all took raincoats and umbrellas went out for a rainy walk at the beach around the cove which was not so bad.We all took raincoats and umbrellas and went out for a rainy walk at the beach around the cove which was not so bad. Even though it was raining, it was still warm and pleasurable to walk around. 

Day 3: Tour day

We took a full day tour around Phi Phi’s neighboring lands, from Bamboo island, Mosquito island, Shark point to Monkey island, Viking Cave, Maya Bay, and in the evening, we could see sunset and swim with the glowing plankton.The tour was covering all the interesting spots we wanted to have a peek at.Bamboo island: was beautiful.It is a small island with white sand surrounding. Great spot for tanning, swimming, kayaking. Mosquito Island: known for its great coral reefs. I couldn’t wait to see unfortunately it was closed for coral maintenance.Shark Point: Great area for snorkelling. The tour guide would throw some cookies to attract fishes while we were snorkelling. I had my phone in a touch screen bag and it was a perfect moment like this to record a video or have yourself a picture!

 Monkey Island: It was quiet and nice beach. We could not see any monkeys, I assume the weather and rain season changed their habits of coming close to the water. Viking Cave: Darker turquoise water since it is deeper but still crystal clear and beautiful.After a bit of snorkeling, a storm rolled in. We couldn’t do anything but head back to our island. Riding on a boat through the storm was not a fun thing. Trust me, we were terrified. A couple of times, strong wind moved our boat and it felt like we were going to flip. The huge water tank that was attached by wires to the boat started shaking before it fell off the table and started rolling across the ground. The crew responded quickly and fastened it back in its position. A sound in my head saying: “Wear your damn life vest!” So, we did.We arrived at the pier safe and sound and the captain didn’t seem to be too surprised about the storm. It seemed as though storms like this happen regularly through the raining season.The good news is – the rain is leaving us after this day!

Day 4: Adventure

 It was a great sleep last night. Cozy in the bed, under the air-con, quiet sky. Happy life.Every day was a different weather forecast. Today my smartphone told me it would be a 100% sunny day. We’ll see.We planned for a nice time on the beach we visited on our last trip. But before we could head out a local girl told us that there is another mystery Viewpoint 3 we had not heard of. So we packed up and went.We started walking through a totally different path, and what do you know, we arrived at Viewpoint 1 & 2 after like 50 mins uphill.My recommendation: Since walking this route takes more time than the original stairs, it is up to you to choose which type of experience you like. The original stairs is WAY faster!After another 30 minutes or so of hiking, we reached viewpoint 3. It was a beautiful view surrounded by nature.For 20 Baht/ ticket, you also received a bulk water bottle/each. After that bigFor 20 Baht/ ticket, you also received a bulk water bottle/each. After that big hike it is very much needed!!While we were there it was quiet with only us there. Great spot to go. Worth every drop of sweat spent to get there.While we were there it was quiet with only us there. Great spot to go. Worth every drop of sweat spent to get there.A local Thai showed us the way to go.From Viewpoint 3, we decided to walk down to a beach bay that was recommended by a local. Curiosity and excitement lead us through the jungle to this gorgeous bay. Its name: Phak Nam Bay.On our journey to the bay, we found a couple of aggressive monkey families . They made noise and started walking towards us. We assumed they were asking us to go back, but after a few minutes they moved aside and let us pass.My recommendation: to keep all your stuff inside your bag (foods, earrings, hairclip, necklace, sunglasses, etc.). Stand your ground. Make yourself look big. Keep moving forward and don’t show your teeth. We tried to keep all of our stuff inside our backpacks. I had my umbrella with me, so I used it as an unexpected defensive weapon. I thought monkeys were supposed to be cute, but not these guys. [Crying emotion] We walked slowly closer to the light, and they started to leave us alone. The light then revealed beautiful transparent turquoise water on pure white sand…We walked slowly closer to the light. The light then revealed beautiful transparent turquoise water on pure white sand… Oh my!After the darkness, there comes the sunshine. It was wonderful experience and priceless.Phak Nam Bay: is a beautiful crystal-clear turquoise beach that is a quiet and restful area. Not many people come here since it located on the opposite of the island. In which it really took us an adventure through the wild monkeys (I think they are the guards) to get there. There is a resort on this beach which may cause it to be busy during tourist season.The tide went down quickly as the evening approached. Not a good time to swim here at this point as several rocks started popping out of the lowering water. We took a taxi boat to Phi Phi Village (40 mins walk away) from Phak Nam Bay.Phi Phi Village: small and seemed like an area for locals.From here we walked toward Loh Lana Bay. There were signs showing us the path, but they were not very accurate about the distance and timing. We took a couple of wrong turns and reached the bay in 30 mins from the village.Loh Lana Bay: It used to be a beautiful beach when we were here in early Spring. Last time, we took a Kayak here loving how clear the water was, and enjoyed swimming and tanning and really looked forward to coming back. But now, in June, it is full of trash, garbage, plastic bags, etc. The water had changed, it was muddy and unclear. It was sad. I really wonder “what happened?”t got dark fast and the taxi boat refused to come pick us up. Luckily, the locals here agreed to gave us a ride.The ride through the darkness, with only the moon guiding our path was an exciting ride filled with great views. A quiet and cleared dark sky wrapped up the trip nicely before we realized it.It took about 30 mins ride to reach the town.

Day 5: Leaving to Phuket

It was time to leave the wonderful island and head back to the city.The ride to Phuket was dizzy. It was another 2-hour ride, but it seemed like a day long.My recommend: to have yourself a spot on the deck of the boat to sit or stand whichever you like. Since we are out of the wonderland and will be leaving this great country soon, gifts and homemade souvenirs are what we looked for. 

Souvenirs – Foods – Fun Facts

 There are a couple of markets and shopping malls in Phuket worth checking out. My favorite spot is Central Festival Phuket. We like to stay out of the crowd, so we really had a good time shopping here. =)For girls who love accessories, Thailand is the place to go! LOLWe found many places to shop for swimsuits, accessories, beach scarves, tubes, towels, etc. on Phi Phi island. Many of the products there are branded with the islands logo and only available on the island. If you find something you like, make sure to pick it up as you likely will not find it anywhere else. However, most of the products are made out of cotton. If you are looking for linen or silk, Phuket is the place to go.Beside the places, food is my secondary favorite. We always try to find truly authentic food wherever we go. This trip was no exception. Here are a few we found!Red curry with Chicken.Penang Curry with Chicken. My best recommendations:Garlic – Besides their awesomeness of Pad Thai, Curries, Pad Sew, Pad everything, their Pancake is amazing! Their pancake was made totally different from most of the Thai pancakes (deep fried crepe) shops in Phi Phi island. It was thick, chewy, soft, fresh and Oh my – the banana pancake was the BEST!Madame Resto – We found this restaurant from a local Thai recommendation. They have a good authentic taste of Thai food as well as good service. Although they don’t make the same pancake as the Garlic!The Mango Garden – We liked the drinks here. However, had not tried the foods. Will definitely try it next time.There is one restaurant that I found it disturbing. Papaya restaurant. It has good reviews on google, but, bewarned, there are 2 Papaya restaurants. The Papaya we went to, we were served by an old man that stood behind our chairs looking over our shoulders seemingly forcing us to hurry up and order. It was a very uncomfortable situation, so we left. I am not sure how good it is, but I do not enjoy people standing over my shoulders with the kind of vibe he was putting off.Fun fact:The island is full of cats and kittens. There are couple of dogs, but at least 5 times as many cats! Everywhere we walked there are tons of cats hanging out, not counting those were hidden or on a lizard hunt, burrying nuts, or tanning away from us. They are all easy going, walking like it’s no one’s business, never shy asking people to pet them. (What a tragedy we had to pet them all the time :D.) The overall trip was very exciting and not much happened as planned, but it turned out phenomenal. I recommend it as a ‘GO-TO’ spot!The 5 days we were there was not enough. I wish we could stay longer! Maybe then have a scarf store there. Lol. 

Our little tiny plan:

Arrival to Bangkok at nightFlight to Phuket next morning, then ferried to PhiPhi island.Day 01: Arrived Phi Phi island by the afternoonWalking and exploring the islandDay 02: Hiking to ViewpointsTaxi boat in the afternoonWalking around the islandDay 03: Kayaking around the covesOpen for other plansDay 04: Full day activity tourBeer nightDay 05: Arriving to PhuketParasailing at Patong beachDay 06: Flight back to Vietnam(It’s ended up not as what we planned, but… we were expecting that! )  With love,Letterink team.